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WHAT FEATURES SET LEAGUEPRO APART? LeaguePro sites cover all the basics such as scheduling, standings, included domain name, unlimited space and bandwidth, etc.  Rather than show you an exhaustive list of standard features, we're going to highlight a few things we do a little differently than some of our competitors. 
Easy to use Management Interface Take a look at the back end and our large, easy-to-see icons.

Can you figure out how to add a player? (Hint: click "Add" next to "Players")
Can you figure out how to view your articles? (Hint: click "View" next to "Articles")

Did you figure out both in under 5 seconds? Click here to skip to the Free Trial so you can start getting things done.
Player Reporting Tools Create custom reports based on your needs.
Advertising for *your* sponsors We don't advertise on your site, you do. Whether you sell the ad space or use it as a thank you to your existing sponsors, it is up to you which companies and organizations are featured on your site.
Online Store Sell your own merchandise and let your players buy it directly online.
Team Pages Included for free, team pages are created and updated automatically as you enter and adjust your schedules, rosters, and articles.
Unlimited Email Addresses and Email Forwarders why limit this functionality? We take it one step further and give you direct access to our Qmail Administrative Panel which also allows you to create Mailing Lists and Mail Robots.
We don't bug your players Unless we are addressing a direct tech support issue, we will not contact your players for any reason.
Document Management Upload documents with custom security settings to share with your players or just with the administration.
Group Email Email your entire player list... or just one team. Email the Board of Directors, your Committee members, your Team Staff, or your Officials. Simply use the checkboxes to select your recipients and type your email.

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