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HOW MUCH DOES ONLINE REGISTRATION COST? Contact Us for Pricing HOW CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT ONLINE REGISTRATION? The best way to learn more about Online Registration is to get in touch with our Sales Team by calling (888) 574-7760 or by going to our Contact page.
How does Online Registration work? Players complete your custom registration form and make a payment using their credit or debit card. The registration fee they have paid is automatically sent to your league's Merchant Account. From the back end of your site, you will see a list of all players who have successfully registered. When you are ready, a few mouse clicks will move all these players into the Current Season.
How does the online credit card payment get into my league's bank account? You will need to set up a Merchant Account and (Authorize.net) Payment Gateway. These accounts will allow Online Payments to be routed to your league's bank account.
Can I get a Merchant Account through the bank of my choice or do I have to go through LeaguePro? You can get a Merchant Account through the bank of your choice. Our only requirement is that you choose Authorize.net as your gateway. Most merchant banks offer Authorize.net, so this is generally not a problem. How do you protect credit card information? We are a PCI Compliant Service Provider. We do not store any credit card information on our servers - not even the last four digits of a registrants credit card number. This is important because, in the unlikely event an unauthorized individual gains access to our servers, there is essentially no information that could lead to financial gain.  In addition, transaction data is protected by 256-bit SSL certificate. How much does it cost? You will negotiate your credit card processing rates with your Merchant Account provider. LeaguePro charges a small transaction fee.Contact Us for Complete Pricing Can payment be made by debit card? Yes. Our league is not ready to eliminate walk-in registration. Can we offer both options? Yes. Our system is designed so that players added by online registration, spreadsheet upload, individual entry, etc. may all end up together in your player list.
Will I be able to run reports showing the information I asked for in my custom fields?
Yes. I need to gather some specific information (ie Insurance information, grade in school, etc.) from my registrants. Is this possible? A. Yes. You may gather up to 20 additional pieces of information from your registrants. Can muliple players in a family register together? Can I provide additional player discounts? Yes and yes.
Can I charge an Online Convenience Fee? Yes. Sometimes I need to collect payments other than registrations (ie Sponsorship payments, travel team payments, etc.) and the people would like to pay by credit card. Is this possible? Yes. Through your Authorize.net account, you will have a virtual terminal that will allow you to take credit card information over the phone and process their payment. Is there a way to provide discounts for early registration and additional fees for late registrations? Yes. You can also offer multiple player discounts and set a Family Maximum.

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